Frames with a large span:
  • This type is most suitable for buildings that do not allow the erection of internal pillars
  • the span can exceed 60m, providing a spacious interior area
  • It is suitable for many roof types, including single sloped double sloped, central ridge or partial ridge.
Frames with successive girders and multi-spans:
  • This type off frame is a more economic and rational choice for large buildings.
  • It allows the full use of net height in the interior of the building.
  • Rational spans are between 24m-90m.
Frames with a single slope:
  • This is the most suitable type of frame if extra space is needed
  • It can be attached to structures of any profile, or be used as an independent building.
Frames with a small span:
  • This type of frame is most suitable for small buildings with spans under 21m
  • It provides vertical walls and a level roof.

Hollow Frame:
  • This type of frame is suitable for many types of large building, as the length of its span can exceed 50 meters.
  • This type of frame is both economical and rational;
  • It allows for good natural lighting.
Sub-structure plays an important role in supporting and stabilizing the main structure. Sub-structure primarily consists of a supporting system, a purlin and loop-girder system and the parts needed for its installation. The stability and endurance of a sub-structure has a direct effect on the safety of the main structure.
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