The pressed steel deck panels in buildings are formed by the pressing and cold bending of galvanized steel panels to profile. Its cross section is V shaped, U shaped, trapezoid or any other similar shape. They are mainly used as deck panels, but can also be used fro other purposes.

  • Construction is fast and convenient. Short construction times.
  • It is possible to omit the tension reinforced steel bars in reinforced concrete floor slabs
  • Easy to transport, Store, stack, assemble or disassemble. It can act as a safe working platform after installation.
  • Corrugated plate can be applied in power and' communication projects.
  • It can act as a level shed style roof for concrete structures.
  • Moulds are not necessary Also, mould assembly and disassembly can be avoided
  • The dead weight for the entire structure can be reduced. It is also low in cost and high in strength.
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