Thermal insulation on Panels are made of  hard polyurethane foam core layers and colored steel panels. The steel panels  are joined using a closed covering technique. They can provide highly efficient  insulation.

Sandwich plate with plain edges; This is widely applicable in ordinary steel  structure proejects and floor-adding projects, such as adding floors onto
small industrial workshops with steel structures,  storehouses, temporary offices, residential areas, schools and hospit8ls, etc.
Sandwich plate with labyrinth edge; This is widely applicable in hygiene  orientat6d factories and refrigerated storehouses, such as int6rnal fitting projects  for medicinal, foodstuff, drinking wat6rt fresh vegetable sites and large  frozen storehouses.
Corrugated sandwich plate; This is widely  applicable in large-span combined Steel structure projects and no f frames,  such as the roofs of gymnasiums, theatres, large conference centers and auditoriums.
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