Smooth panels are widely applicable in industrial factories, large storehouses, commercial markets, big sheds and greenhouses, aquiculture, and facilities for tourism, sport and entertainment. It is used for natural lighting and separation in the walls and roofs of buildings.

  • FEP is the abbreviation for fiberglass reinforced polyester and is generally referred to as glass steel. It is produced by continuous mechanical molding from special fiberglass and transparent anti-aging polyester. It features a smooth and clean appearance, accurate cross-section dimensions and can be cut into any size with ease. The membrane that covers the surface of the plates is anti-aging and boasts a service life of 20 years. FRP features a high high level of transparence; the transparence rate of plain panels is over 85% before being colored. Strong permeability and uniform distribution of fibers allows sunshine to light the room in a gentle manner. The ultraviolet radiation that permeated the fiberglass is relatively low. This helps to reduce damage to plants and vegetation. The material is strong enough to withstand the impact of hailstone (or gale force winds) without affecting normal use. The thermal conductivity coefficient of FEP is low and the material acts a good insulator. Heat loss through FEP is 35-48% less than that on single glazed glass or plastic film. In cold areas, it is possible to install double layers of lighting plates, in order to satisfy natural lighting and insulation requirements. There are many color options for clients to choose from.
  • PC is the abbreviation of Polycarbonate. PC's main raw material is engineering plastics Polycarbonate. In addition to this, anti UV chemicals and other chemical raw materials are used. The product is highly stable and does not turn yellow or deteriorate easily. It also has a high capacity to absorb strong ultraviolet radiation in ultraviolet radio spectrum (290-400nm). Experiments have proven that 99.9% of ultraviolet radiation can be is isolated effectively. It is a widely material that is strong, transparent, sound-proof and energy saving.
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