Natural ventilation systems operate on low wind power and the thermal power that is generated within in room. It canimprove working conditions by performing cross-ventilation of fresh air, expelling hot gas and waste gas and removing odors. It does not need to be attached to a power source and can operate 24 hours a day in any weather. Such systems are widely used in buildings such as factories, industrial facilities, storehouses, and shopping centers.

Turbine ventilator Product Features:
  • It can operate for 24 hours a day in any weather without power.
  • With ultra high sensitivity, even small breezes or thermal pressure within a room can drive its operation.
  • It's environmentally friendly and does not make any noise.
  • The system boasts good anti-corrosion properties. Anti-corrosive materials that can be selected include stainless steel, aluminum alloy, or galvanized steel panels.
  • It's both solid and durable
  • It can be manufactures according to customer requirements.
Ventilator along a slope Product features:
  • Roofs are arranged in same direction in a parallel formation to reduce wind pressure and the impact of typhoons
  • Independent construction of FRP. No possibility of leakages
  • Integration of ventilation and natural lighting functions. Low costs and excellent results.
  • Its steel structure means that it is easy to manufacture. Can be constructed immediately for existing factories.
  • Can be tailor-made in accordance with actual conditions. There is no possibility of poor completion of edges.
  • The draining tube is installed in the interior. It boasts an attractive exterior appearance and sound functionality as a whole.
Ventilator on a ridge Product Features:
  • The ventilator is constructed with a main frame and a sub-frame. This provides for convenient transportation and installation.
  • The main frame and sub-frame are welded within the factory. They are durable and boast good stability
  • The joint between the main frame and ventilator hole is U type profile steel (or other profile steel).
  • The lateral rain-proof panel in the sub-frame is made of pressed colored steel panels with bended covered edges for water drainage. They have a long service life and excellent integral effects. They are also highly resilient against wind.
  • There is also a guiding panel installed in the side of the sub-frame which means that there is no inordinate air flow. In addition to this, with the system boasts excellent air removal effects.
  • Shutters are installed on the sub-frame to prevent rain from getting in.
  • Draining tubes have been added in the interior of the ventilator roof. Rain water can flow along the tube to the ground to prevent rain from gushing off the roof.
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